Women Veterans Day is recognized Friday by residents across the state, and is meant to honor the sacrifice and service of all female veterans in South Carolina. Every year, Gov. McMaster signs the proclamation, recognizing the "courage, honor, and dignity with which women have served, and continue to serve in defense of our great nation."

According to the South Carolina Secretary of Veterans Affairs, retired Major General Will Grimsley, around 10 percent of the veteran population of South Carolina are women and this statistic is expected to rise to about 17 percent in the next five years. South Carolina's Fort Jackson trains more than 60 percent of women recruits in the Army, and Parris Island trains 100 percent of women recruits in the Marine Corps.

Secretary Grimsley, a 33-year infantry officer and recipient of the Silver Star for valor and Purple Heart, added to the importance of women in the service. "I have been with women in combat, I have watched the service and it is indistinguishable when you look at the power that the total force brings," he stated.

The proclamation will also recognize women veterans working to better the veteran community. One of them is D. Davis, a Navy veteran with Dare to Dream Enterprises, who spends her time helping homeless veterans and keeping veteran families closer.

US Army veteran Desiree Tomlinson also commented on her passion for being around female veterans. “My passion is sisterhood, bonding and empowerment. Even though some of the veterans, we may not know each other, but we always feel like we do know each other. So it’s always a sisterhood and always empowering to be around other female veterans," she said.

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