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CSM Algrish Williams. Photo provided

Command Sergeant Major Algrish Williams has served in the U.S Army for more than 20 years. Since childhood, he always had an interest in service. Williams was born and raised in Jamaica and later immigrated to Boston when he was a young teenager.

"When I graduated high school, I went to my parents and asked about college," he said. "With little money to spare, my father said I would have to figure it out."

Williams went to the recruiting office with the idea of serving in order to receive college benefits. His dreams of being in the special forces and clandestine community were short-lived as he was unable to get a security clearance needed for the jobs. He was forced to choose something else. Artillery became his final decision.

"I just thought it seemed so cool. Blowing stuff up from far away. As a young man that was why I made the decision, but later I moved into an administrative MOS. If I had to go back and do it all again, I would have still chosen to be an artilleryman - the Kings of Battle," he said.

Williams' service has taken him all over the world including the Middle East, the Pacific and even Europe. He was able to obtain his masters degree through military tuition assistance and programs that allow enlisted members to attend school while on active duty.

"If it was my choice, every one of my soldiers would be in school. As enlisted men and women, we have to be able to contribute and be relevant while in meetings with our leaders and officers. At the senior enlisted leader level, it is even more crucial," he said.

Williams now serves as the Ft. Jackson Garrison CSM alongside Garrison Commander COL. John Hankins. The team's job is much like that of a city manager. They ensure smooth base operations and ensure the facilities on the installation are serving their soldiers and families to the best of their abilities.

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