The Columbia Metropolitan Airport got a little brighter Tuesday morning, when representatives from Columbia’s Transitions Homeless Center brought 25 works of art to hang on the walls alongside the food court.

According to Vice President of Advancement, Elizabeth Iglehart, this is the third year the facility has showcased current and former residents’ paintings in the airport. She first thought of the idea when coming back from a trip and noticed artwork on the hallways of the airport. “I asked Lynne [Douglas] if there was any chance we could get our art displayed, and she said sure,” said Iglehart.

This year’s pieces come from three different artists named Connie, Zach and Cheryl, who were all Transitions residents. “They’re all three now permanently housed, but have lived with us. One of them until really recently – she just got a job that allowed her to afford her own place.”

According to Transitions Outreach Volunteer Coordinator Cathy Cobbs, the artists have been able to convey some of their emotions through their work. “One of these artists has got two jobs now, and she wants to be an art teacher at some point. Her whole thing was, Transitions was an inspiration to her, because like our logo, she painted butterflies. She [the artist] said, ‘I was like a butterfly emerging because I came in one way, then I came out the other side of it,'” said Cobbs.

The art displayed at the airport, along with two other artists’ work will be for sale at Transitions’ annual Reconstructing Home art show and auction. This year, the event will be held Oct. 24, at the Columbia Museum of Art. All money raised will go to fund programs and services Transitions offers their residents. Iglehart said in addition to the art, there will be silent and live auction items, along with the opportunity to see the museum’s permanent collection on the second floor. Tickets for the event are $80 each, or $150 for two.

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