The show must go on! But at the Harbison Theatre, the show is just starting. Representatives from the “most colorful seats in town” unveiled their 2019-2020 schedule of shows and events Wednesday.

There is something for everyone this season from Internet Sensation Kalen Allen, to The Texas Tenors, to the MTC Showoff Talent Competition. Many different types of performances will premiere in Columbia this season. The holidays are also covered: Harbison Theatre will be showing Hocus Pocus Tuesday, October 29 at 5:30 p.m. and there will be backstage trick-or-treating. They also decided to bring back POPS featuring the S.C. Philharmonic this year for two shows Sunday, December 15 at 3:30 and 7:30 p.m.

Harbison Theatre will also offer commemorative cups that can be taken to the bar before, and during most shows to be filled. Executive Director Kirstin Cobbs explained the importance of the venue to the performers and the community. “One of the things that I think is so special about it is its 400 seats y’all. There is not a venue in this area that is this size, this intimate and brings in this type of entertainment,” she said. “We’re trying to create, because of the intimacy of the theater, a chance to really meet the artists afterward, have some interaction that type of thing because it’s a big deal! Some of these folks are really large performers and they’re coming through here and they really enjoy coming through here, they enjoy performing in this space and they enjoy meeting the patrons so we want to make it a little more special.”

Cobb went on to explain why she does everything she can to get performances like these into the Theatre. “To me, if somebody can come into this venue who has never been here before and have a positive experience, be touched, be moved in some way, because we connect in a different way when we’re in the theater and looking at something on the stage together. We all might leave with a different feeling about it but there’s a sense of oneness we have when we’re in the theater, and we’re watching live performances,” she said.

For more information about upcoming performances at Harbison Theatre this season, including their Harbison Heat Concert July 20, check out their website.

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