One of the biggest reasons thousands of people travel to the South Carolina State Fair every year is not for the rides – but for the variety of sweet, saucy, greasy, and all-around delicious food. According to the fair’s website, there will be five new options added to the mix this year.

Chili Mac Attack Sundae:
This savory sundae begins with a bed of fries, and will be topped with mac-and-cheese, chili and jalapenos. It will be available at DeAnna’s Concessions, which is already known for its Shrimp-n-Grits Sundae, and the Southern Catfish Sundae.

Double Dog Corndog:
Daley’s will be offering a new twist on one of the most iconic fair foods – two dogs inside one big tasty treat.

Bop’s Kettle Corn:
It’s like popcorn, but better. The sweet and salty snack was originally made in cast iron kettles. It will be available at Heritage Village.

Poppin Gourmet Burger:
The new menu item features gourmet burger patties layered with pepperjack cheese, topped with onion rings and barbeque sauce on a toasted brioche bun. It will be offered at Carousel Foods – already known for its popular donut burger.

Birthday Cake Funnel Cake:
A funnel cake with icing and sprinkles – what more could you want?

The South Carolina State Fair will be welcoming visitors from October 9 through 20. More information about pricing, rides, food, and events can be found at

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