Level Up HER Leadership Master Class

June 29, 2019 all-day
Midlands Technical College _ Harbison Campus Continuing Education Auditorium
7300 College Street
SC 29063
Jackie Capers-Brown

The Level Up HER Leadership Master Class is a one-day professional leadership conference designed to inspire, educate, equip, and empower women of color with leadership skills that strategically prepare and position them to optimize opportunities and overcome obstacles as they pursue and achieve their career and leadership aspirations as employees and entrepreneurs.

During this conference, attendees will experience four dynamic leadership master class sessions that will equip them with actionable strategies and tangible takeaways that they will be able to implement immediately to create progress toward their career and business goals. Conference attendees will have a clear understanding of the relevant habits and skills that are key to them BE-ing the leader who is capable of taking responsibility for achieving the success she wants to experience in the workplace or marketplace.

Women of color, with or without a title from diverse backgrounds are welcomed to take part in this groundbreaking leadership training experience designed specifically to equip and empower them to navigate their way forward with success.

Research has shown that women of color cannot afford to leave their career and business success up to happenstance. It is critical to their long-term success that they learn how to maximize their efforts by becoming intentional, methodical and strategic.

The Level Up HER Leadership Master Class will help women of color discover the power within and get clear about who they are and what they stand for to own the value of HER unique magic.

Conference attendees will learn and be able to apply servant leadership principles that equip and empower them to serve their way to greatness. They will comprehend the power of building relationship currency inside and outside their organization to build a leadership brand that gets the attention of decision-makers and magnifies HER magic.

Women of color will be equipped with a proven performance enhancement strategy that empowers them to activate the power of their best self to lead boldly on a consistent basis and deliver results essential to HER success.

The conference workbook will serve as a go-to reference guide for attendees to use to make notes of key takeaways and insights while at the same time create a personal roadmap for success based on the information that will be shared during each master class session to maximize HER magic.

In order for women of color to harness their authentic power and realize more of their potential, they will need to show up, step up and speak up for HER dreams and goals.

If you are an ambitious, growth-minded woman of color it is important that you invest time and energy toward developing habits and skills that will help you maintain a leading edge in the midst of all the change happening around you and in the world. Reserve your seat at the Level Up HER Leadership Master Class to elevate your success. Immerse yourself in this groundbreaking training and be inspired, be educated, be equipped and be empowered to overcome your unique challenges and optimize opportunities to lead yourself, your career and business to new heights.

You have the potential for greatness. You know it. You can feel it. It’s up to you to show up, step up, and speak up to claim it. Join us to experience the power of our collective magic and sisterhood while receiving the support and practical guidance you need to lead forward with greater clarity, courage, confidence AND a conviction toward the success you want to achieve. Young women of color age 16 years and older are encouraged to attend.

Reserve your seat today at www.jackiecapersbrown.com.