Astrobotica Supra de’ Nova // Whoa Dakota // RickoLus

March 29, 2019 all-day
Art Bar
1211 Park St
Columbia South Carolina
Madison Nichols

Whoa Dakota
Nashville-native and Little Rock-raised Whoa Dakota was recognized as 2018’s Best Pop Artist by the Nashville Scene. Designated by NPR as one of the most “dazzlingly eclectic music makers in Nashville’s indie pop scene,” Whoa Dakota is taking her signature blend of indie pop, r&b and Americana on the road in 2019.

RickoLus is a traveling songsmith from Jacksonville, Florida (USA). Since his debut release “youngster” in 2010 he has toured the US, Europe, and Australia with his one-man band show. He has released three other full-length records (troubadour, Coyote & Mule and Coconut) and a handful of singles and EP’s, including a split 12” record called “Rivers & Lakes” on French label Dora Dorovitch. On his latest record “Archways” rickoLus, who predominately writes on guitar, explores songwriting with piano. The songs bring out a crooning in his voice and a mature command that tells tales of love, nostalgia, and metamorphosis. Look for “Archways” being released as a 10” on the Czech label Lokal Rekorc and digitally worldwide in May 2019.

Astrobotica Supra De’ Nova
Astrobotica Supra de’ Nova is essentially a one-man band, but guitarist/electronics effect man Scott A. creates gorgeous soundscapes that have more edge than the typical ambient artist.