Release from Mary Beth Hill- Lexington One Communications Director

Lexington County School District One administrators presented a third reading of the district’s 2019–2020 general fund operating budget at a public hearing held Tuesday, evening.

The general fund operating budget provides funding for the day-to-day operations of the district such as paying salaries, insurance and utilities, and purchasing supplies, materials and services. This is not to be confused with the district’s capital budget, which funds fixed assets such as facilities and equipment.

The Lexington County School District One Board of Trustees later approved the district’s 2019–2020 general fund operating budget at the regular monthly board meeting that immediately followed the public hearing.

In the final reading of the budget, Lexington District One administrators recommended a 2019–2020 General Fund budget of $295,123,749 — up $14,562,273 (a 5.2% increase) over this year’s 2018–2019 General Fund budget of $280,561,476.

The budget consists of about 87.8% salaries and related costs, 7.7% for programs and services, and 4.5% for utilities and maintenance.

With this budget the district:

  • maintains its current student-to-teacher ratios per classroom on average.
  • continues to increase the district’s layered approach to the safety and well-being of students by providing at least a 0.5 trained School Resource Officer at every elementary school, as well as eight more mental health counselors across the district, with approximately 0.5 mental health counselors at every school.
  • accomplishes its Drive to $35 goal of starting teacher pay at $35,000 and makes salaries across the district more competitive by including a step increase for all eligible employees at a cost of

o   about $1.6 million for certified employees.

o   about $599,172 for support staff.

o   about $224,346 for administrative staff.

  • opens Beechwood Middle School in the fall with 34.55 new positions.
  • adds 77.55 positions (including BMS) to accommodate growth and provide greater support for our students with the greatest needs (69.10 certified, 10.45 support staff, 1.00 school administrative staff, a reduction of 3.00 Central Services administrative staff).
  • includes mandated retirement increases of $2,055,619.
  • includes a 4% salary increase for certified staff of $5,549,383.
  • includes a 2% increase for support staff (about $807,566).
  • includes a 1% increase for administrative staff (about $224,346).
  • includes funding to meet state and federal requirements.
  • incorporates an increase in accounts payable to cover inflationary increases in utilities, supplies, materials, property and casualty insurance premiums, and services (about $592,317).
  • transfers allowable costs to capital funds.
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