Each fall the Archaeological Field Day, sponsored by the Archaeological Society of South Carolina, brings together archaeologists, prehistoric and historic skills demonstrators, storytellers, and more who present how South Carolinians experienced their daily lives in the distant and recent pasts through work, play, food, and community.

This year’s event will be held on Saturday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the 12,000 Year History Park on Congaree Creek, 1120 Fort Congaree Trail, in Cayce, SC.

Special tours include:

10:30 am - First Fort Congaree and 18th Century Trail Walk, led by archaeologist James Stewart

A massacre, murder and a kidnapping! These great stories are part of the Fort Congaree tour! Walk to the 1718 Old Fort Congaree site and learn about the artifacts, history, and untold stories revealed by teams of archaeologists at the site.

1:00 pm - Civil War Battle of Congaree Creek Trail Tour, led by Volunteer Guides Gary and Sue Kelly.

It's 1865 and General William T. Sherman has just cut a swath of destruction across Georgia and now has eyes on South Carolina. 

As Sherman said, "I almost tremble for her (SC) fate but I feel that she deserves all that seems in store for her.” Forces will collide at the Battle of Congaree Creek. Learn about Sherman’s two-week march to Columbia that culminated in the City’s destruction.

The following is the list of Archaeological Field Day demonstrations:

•      12,000 Year History Park table

•      Tour of Fort Congaree Archaeology - James Stewart

•      Artifact identification - Chris Judge, USC Lancaster

•      First skills demonstrators - Scott Jones and Fuz Sanderson

•      Flintknapping and discussing the new avocational site form - Joe Wilkinson

•      Seven Ages Podcast

•      Clemson Charleston Extension/ Hunley Civil War Submarine Restoration Group 

•      SC Department of Natural Resources

•      South Carolina Archaeology Public Outreach Division (SCAPOD)

•      Maritime Research Division, Native American Studies Center 

•      Cayce Historical Museum 

•      Gem and Mineral Society

•      SC State Parks

Stay up-to-date with the City of Cayce and the 12,000 Year History Park by visiting our website, caycesc.gov, and following the City on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.


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