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The Lexington Town Council implemented an emergency ordinance Thursday, requiring a face covering in all grocery stores, pharmacies, big box stores and other retail establishments within the town limits.

Other requirements of the ordinance include:

-All grocery store, pharmacy or other retail establishments shall require staff to wear face coverings while working in areas open to the general public and in areas with coworkers where social distancing is not possible

-Businesses subjected to the ordinance will be required to post appropriate signage at each public entrance to inform customers of the requirements

-In situations where social distancing isn't possible within the town limits, the wearing of a face mask/covering is strongly encouraged

Exemptions where face masks/coverings will not be required:

-In outdoor or unenclosed areas where social distancing is possible and observed

-For people whose religious beliefs prevent them from wearing a mask/covering

-For those who cannot wear a covering due to medical or behavioral condition

-For children under the age of 10, provided the adults accompanying children from 2-10 years old use efforts to put masks on their child while inside enclosed retail establishments

-In private, individual offices

-In settings where it is not practical or feasible to wear a face covering, including when obtaining or rendering goods or services like dental services or swimming

According to the Town of Lexington's Facebook page, the mask ordinance is now in effect. Read the full ordinance HERE.

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Robert Lang

I am glad my religious beliefs, which are PRIVATE and Constitutionally PROTECTED, prevent me from wearing a mask. EVERYONE should claim the same.


Being a selfish prick is not a religion. Not one religion in the world prevents the wearing of facemasks. It saves lives you stupid maskhole!!

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