Spring is not officially here yet, and St. Patrick’s day is still a few days away, but the town of Lexington turned green on a springlike day Saturday.

The town along with the Lexington County Blowfish put on the fifth annual Shamrock Parade.

Longtime WIS television personality Joe Pinner served as commentator for the event. Jonathan Rush was the parade's grand marshal. Rep. Joe Wilson rolled down Main Street along with representatives from many local businesses, musicians, dancers (including, of course, Irish dancers), mascots, and even a superhero or two.

Columbia’s St. Pat’s in Five Points has been canceled due to COVID-19 along with many other local events, but in Lexington, the show went on.

“It’s just great to be out and feel like things are getting back to normal again,” said Shannon Purvis as she awaited the parade’s arrival with her family, having arrived early to secure a good spot along Main St.

The parade was followed by a free concert at Lexington’s Icehouse Amphitheater, featuring local Celtic folk rock band Syr.

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Sad for Ben that he sought to make a wonderful event into something horrible. We Lexington residents are thankful that our leaders are carefully reopening for business. Ben and folks like him can cower in their homes in full hazmat regalia; the rest of us want to LIVE!


Hate I missed having the chance to see a little normalcy happening....glad we are able to start enjoying LIFE again!! Being part Irish myself, glad to see people attending and super mad I missed it!!


What a shameful embarrassment that this event was held. The inept leaders of Lexington and McMaster have contrived a scenario where the misguided fools that attended this event felt like it was a perfectly fine idea. Curious how many cases will come from this doubtless superspreader s**tshow. All so a bunch of white people can watch a corny celebration of a holiday to which they have no actual cultural ties. This state is full of idiots.


What does race have to do with this? Also, if you didn't attend, what is your problem?


I thought the same myself....


I am part Irish and unfortunately wasn’t able to attend but I have to tell you that your comments were more racist and ignorant than anything I’ve been heard...if SC is full of idiots then maybe it would be better for you to find another state to call home...I wish I knew why you are so negative and ugly about having a festival to realize how beautiful this weekend was and how we should be happy to be able to enjoy things....WISH I COULDVE BEEN THERE MYSELF!! And if you are worried about spreading anything other than happiness and joy, STAY HOME AND DONT PUT YOU OR EVEB OTHERS AT RISK of the negative energy you would spread!! Have an amazing evening regardless!!

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