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Lexington County residents will have the opportunity to recycle electronics and tires, have paper shredded and donate household goods to be reused.

The Aug. 29 recycling event will be held at Batesburg-Leesville High School and is hosted by the County of Lexington’s Solid Waste Management department, Keep the Midlands Beautiful and the Town of Batesburg-Leesville.

Electronics are limited to eight per household. Computer components and small items will be bundled to count as one item. Electronics accepted include computers, monitors, printers, copiers, scanners, televisions, cell phones, VCR and DVD players, fax machines, stereo equipment, gaming systems and other household electronics.

Electronics are also accepted at the Edmund Landfill in Lexington. Appliances will not be accepted at this drop-off event.

Tires are limited to eight per household, including small car and truck tires, wheelbarrow, ATV and bicycle tires. Rims do not need to be removed.

Five boxes of paper will be accepted for shredding and is performed immediately onsite. Paper clips and staples are acceptable, however residents are asked to refrain from using plastic bags.

Goodwill Industries will be onsite to collect gently used furniture, household decorations, clothing and other reusable materials.

Materials generated by businesses, including nonprofit organizations, rental properties, schools and churches will not be accepted.

Additional information is available online or by phone at (803) 755-3325.

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