Valentine's weekend has begun and while some are planning dinners and weekend getaways, four local businesses teamed up to deliver a dose of love to local senior citizens.

All About Seniors, Dynamic Mobile Imaging, McLeod Home Care and Pathway Hospice joined together to host a rose delivery for members of assisted living facilities. 

"We felt like we really need to reach out with the residents in the communities we work with," said Malinda Rutledge Carlisle, community liaison for Pathway Hospice. "It’s been an amazing experience this week. I think to see the residents and their reactions to our flowers... I think to bring joy into their lives right now is extremely important." 

The deliveries took place Wednesday and Friday with representatives from each business bringing roses to various assisted living facilities to distribute in a socially-distanced manner. Friday's delivery took place at Westminster Memory Care in Lexington.

Students from Columbia International University also attended Friday's rose delivery to help distribute the flowers.

"We just have been handing out roses and making the seniors in these living facilities happy and it’s been a joy for us to be able to serve them like that," said CIU student Bethany Smith.

James McCall, assistant dean and director of Christian service learning at CIU, said he was thrilled his students were able to take part in giving back to the senior community.

"To see these students out just serving selflessly on a Friday morning is just amazing and it’s something that as a faculty member, makes me very proud," said McCall.

According to Rutledge, in a time of lockdown and limited interaction, activities like the rose delivery are crucial for showing love and appreciation towards the residents.

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