Lexington 2 employees

Lexington 2 employees honored.

Nearly 50 longtime employees of Lexington Two were recognized for their service this week.

Awards were presented for 10, 20  and 30 years of service in Lexington Two during a reception before Thursday’s monthly Board of Trustees meeting. Among the recipients, their schools and years of service:

10-year awards: Annette Ariail, Cayce Elementary; Sean Bech, Riverbank Elementary; Dawn Blaum, Springdale Elementary; Mary Lynn Burkett, Wood Elementary; Ashleigh Carpenter, Wood Elementary; Lisa Corley, Transportation; Joao Da Silva, Transportation; Debra Davis, Cayce Elementary; Melissa Drew, Saluda River Academy for the Arts; Shara Freeman, Cayce Elementary; Corey Holcombe, Pine Ridge Middle; Trina Jackson, Transportation; Tomalyn Jamison, Wood Elementary; Kayla Jennings, Saluda River Academy for the Arts; Kristie Kirkland, Wood Elementary; Lisa O'Neal, Springdale Elementary; Christi Morey, Wood Elementary; Kaitlyn Mustard, Pine Ridge Middle; Deborah Rea, Riverbank Elementary; Margaret Ross, Wood Elementary; Theodora Rumph, Transportation; Teresa Sands, Airport High; Melanie Steele, Transportation; Bryson Summers, Airport High; Krystal Toole, Saluda River Academy for the Arts; Melanie Yoder, Wood Elementary

20-year awards: Teresa Areheart, Riverbank Elementary; Chris Ash, Fulmer Middle; Tracey Cooper, New Bridge Academy; Kellie Davis, Springdale Elementary; Teresa Dunovant, New Bridge Academy; Kim Eubanks, Riverbank Elementary; Jolene Gillis, Northside Middle; Lara Harman, Springdale Elementary; Christy Henderson, Community Education Center; Stephanie Hucks, Busbee Creative Arts Academy; Allison Jeffcoat, Riverbank Elementary; Kris Kirkland, Airport High; Julie Lott, Northside Middle; Carolyn Lowman, Congaree Elementary; Susan Pipkin, Pine Ridge Middle; Andy Posey, Fulmer Middle; Tracey Rucker, Busbee Creative Arts Academy; Kathy Seibert, Riverbank Elementary; Victoria Thackston, Congaree Elementary

30-year awards: Lisa Harmon, District Education Center; James Lindler, Pine Ridge Middle

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