As residents across all communities continue to practice social distancing, many social events and interactions have been cancelled, including birthday parties, anniversary celebrations and visiting hours to senior living facilities/hospitals.

Though these gatherings are not taking place, two Midlands yard signage companies are spreading cheer to quarantined residents.

Theresa Adkins, owner of the Sign Gypsies Midlands franchise and Ally Bowen, owner of the Card My Yard Midlands franchise have seen a spike in their business during this time. The yard signage companies deliver birthday wishes, messages of hope and thanks, and congratulatory messages in a unique way.

Adkins explained the process of delivering yard signs as gathering letters and characters from her “gypsy shed” in her backyard and then going out during evening hours (upon coordinating with client) to place the signs in yards or in front of hospitals. She said this process is doable because there is little to no human interaction.

“We generally concentrate on birthdays and school activities, but we’ve started setting up at hospitals and senior living homes to encourage others,” Adkins said. "This is a time to show appreciation to our amazing healthcare workers who are putting their lives on the line.”

Bowen shared the story of a couple who was scheduled to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary last Saturday but had to cancel their party. She said the couple’s children reached out to her to set up a display in their parents’ yard. The family had a “drive by” celebration with those who were supposed to attend the party, allowing them to celebrate the couple, while still maintaining a healthy social distance.

Bowen is also setting up messages at hospitals and senior homes as a way of acknowledging healthcare workers and senior citizens who may be alone during this time. She said one of the responses from a hospital staff member read: “I cannot tell you how touched everyone at the hospital is, it brought them to tears.”

“Our whole premise is to bring joy to people in a time where they may feel like joy is lost. It's a very small way to say thank you to healthcare workers and remind them they are appreciated," said Bowen.

Those interested in using a yard signage service may contact Adkins or Bowen:

Theresa Adkins, owner, Sign Gypsies:

Sign Gypsies Facebook

Ally Bowen, owner, Card My Yard:

(803) 360-7071

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