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Cameron Caulk is a 16-year-old from West Columbia who just finished her sophomore year at Ben Lippen School. She is also a scout with Troop 91 at Seven Oaks Presbyterian Church in Columbia. Soon, she is hoping to make history as she becomes one of the first female Eagle Scouts in the Boy Scouts of America's new scouting program.

The Boy Scouts traditional program was changed to include females in 2019, and was renamed to Scouts BSA. Since then, Caulk and other scouts in her troop have been working to achieve rank advancements, merit badges and awards.

She is currently working on her Eagle Scout project, which entails creating and donating masks to the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice. Caulk is leading the creation of more than 250 masks, out of the 1,300 masks DJJ needs.

When asked why she chose DJJ for her Eagle Scout Project, Caulk responded, "We were told of a specific need, and because people sometimes have a negative association with DJJ, I knew they would be the last to receive any help."

“It is so important for the youth of America to research the necessities required to protect those from a pandemic,” said Roberta Riddle, Employee Health/Infection Control Nurse at DJJ. “The service project Cameron is doing will have an impact on the future of America. I think it is also important to note that the masks she will provide will help protect those at different levels of exposure during COVID-19.”

“Cameron is among the very first Scouts to join the new Scouts BSA program and she will be among the very first female Scouts to earn the rank of Eagle Scout in the United States,” said Jerry Hilbish, Scoutmaster, Troop 91. “I am extraordinarily proud of her. Her project exemplifies the compassion that she has for others and is a tremendous example of what a Scout can do to help other people.”

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You should explain how she was able to achieve this rank so quickly - the requirements for Eagle include serving a minimum time in each of the lower ranks, making it impossible to advance to Eagle in just one year. Was this Scout in the Explorer's program, or was there some special arrangement made for her?


Hi, this is Carol Caulk, Mom of the Scout. I have been a volunteer in the scouting program for over 15 years. Cameron is working on her Eagle Scout Project and is working toward achieving Eagle Scout. She will be eligible in September, 2020.

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