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University of South Carolina Athletics and the Gamecock Club are partnering with Sport & Story to launch Gamecocks+, a video streaming platform for Gamecock fans.

According to the UofSC Athletics Department, the goal of the streaming platform is to bring fans closer to teams, student-athletes and coaches. All Gamecock Club members will receive a free subscription, and all Gamecocks+ subscribers will receive a Gamecock Club membership.

"We could not be more excited to partner with the team at South Carolina to build a content and membership platform for Gamecock fans across the globe," Sport & Story President Bo Mattingly said. "Beginning this fall, the student-athletes, coaches and programs will have the ability to connect with fans and share their stories like never before. We can't wait to get started.”

Gamecocks+ will launch this fall and will feature original content including behind-the-scenes access, exclusive interviews, archival footage of iconic moments, news and information.

Fans will be able to use the streaming platform on the internet or mobile app. Later this fall, viewers can access the platform on streaming apps such as AppleTV, Amazon FireTV, Roku and Android.

Users can subscribe to Gamecocks+ for $100 per year, with a monthly billing option available for $8.33 per month. Subscription to Gamecocks+ includes Gamecock Club benefits at the Roost level, including a membership card, access to a variety of discounts through the Garnet Market and more.

"We are excited to partner with Sport & Story to provide an innovative platform that will deliver compelling and interesting content on our student-athletes, coaches and athletics programs to our Gamecock Club members," said Athletics Director Ray Tanner. "I believe Gamecocks+ will give our great fans an opportunity to see and learn about the tremendous achievements of everyone in our programs."

Gamecocks+ will feature all of South Carolina Athletics, including:

The Follow: An all-access pass that lets you go behind the scenes with athletic programs before, during and after the games.

Gamecocks Access: Short, behind-the-scenes segments featuring student-athletes and coaches.

Gamecocks Film Room: Segments featuring coaches and guest analysts breaking down plays and players.

Face-To-Face: One-on-one interviews with South Carolina student-athletes, coaches and newsmakers.

My Time: Spotlights names and personalities in South Carolina Athletics.

Gamecocks Rewind: Celebrate games, plays, and moments from the history of South Carolina sports.

The Vault: Documentaries featuring the stories and personalities from South Carolina Athletics history.

The Cock-A-Doodle Brew: A daily morning email about Gamecocks Athletics

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