Rob Gardner, soldier salute

Rob Gardner, photo provided.

Rob Gardner is a true example of the old saying, "Needs of the Army." Though Gardner was an artilleryman by trade, during his tours in Iraq, he spent almost no time behind the artillery gun. Rather, most of his time was spent on high profile raids, clandestine night operations and many other missions that would typically be preformed by infantry men. Gardner was eager to accept the different aspects of his job in Iraq and learned first hand how ever changing the job of a US Military Member can be.

Though Gardner has an illustrious and impressive battlefield career, it wasn't exactly what he intended to sign up for. Gardner originally joined the US Army to learn vital skills that would help him acquire good employment once he left the Army. Though his time in service was far from what he expected, Rob gained a new perspective on patriotism and a stronger love for his country.

With an illustrious battle field career comes the tragedies and hardships of combat. Gardner lost more than a few friends on the battle field and for a time, suffered from survivors guilt, a somber issue that plagues many Iraq and Afgan veterans today. He accredits his recovers and high spirits today to the loving care and ever listening ears of his wife, Hailie.

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