Tapp's Outpost in Columbia, formerly known as Tapp's Arts Center, will be hosting a virtual fundraiser beginning Sunday and continuing through Oct. 12, to help benefit local artists.

The event, called "Outside the Box," will offer hand-crafted art projects and unique in-person and virtual experiences by more than 30 local artists.

According to Tapp's executive director Caitlin Bright, purchasing items or experiences from the fundraiser will help raise money for both the artist and Tapp's during a critical time when nonprofits and arts funding is stagnant.

"Our 'Outside the Box' fundraiser is a virtual marketplace of unique, experiential offerings, celebrating the creativity of our community and clarifying the importance of nurturing the arts. Everything in this marketplace is designed to focus on connectivity in these times of separation," she said.

The Tapp's Outpost facility serves as a giant "artistic laboratory" for community engagement, located at 713 Saluda Ave., in downtown Columbia.

The link to the online store will be released Sunday via social media and on outpostartspace.org.

Participating artists include:

Ashley Bennett

Ashley Berendzen-Russell

Pam Bowers

Michaela Pilar Brown

Stephen Chesley

Sara Cogswell

Libby Coynor

Daniele Easler

Billy Guess

Ron Hagell

Molly Harrell

Jennifer Hill

Lyon Hill

B.A. Hohman

Ann Humphries

Bri Kinard

Shigeharu Kobayashi

Michael Krajewski

Mary Catherine Kunze

Cait Maloney

Tabitha Ott

Diko Pekdemir-Lewis

David Robbins

Susan Robertson

Emily Ruiz

Lucas Sams

Virginia Scotchie

Will South

Brittany Spark

George Stankus

Andrew Thomas

Olga Yukhno

Jay White

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