sesqui charging station

Sesquicentennial State Park's new electric vehicle charging station. Photo courtesy of SC Office of Regulatory Staff

Sesquicentennial State Park in Columbia just got a new addition to help optimize park experience for visitors with electric vehicles. 

The South Carolina Office of Regulatory Staff and the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism hosted an unveiling of a new electric vehicle charging station at the park last week. 

The charging station is one of three that have just been installed at parks across the state, along with Paris Mountain State Park in Greenville and Santee State Park in Santee. The installation at these three parks, which are located near interstates and city centers, is intended to help facilitate electric vehicle travel across the state. All charging stations are free to use. 

“This project helps South Carolina take a significant step toward promoting clean transportation, diversifying our transportation fuel sources, and making our state more resilient. The partnership with SCPRT also showcases the benefits of state agencies working together to meet our mutual goals for the state," said SC Office of Regulatory Staff Executive Director Nanette Edwards. 

“The electric vehicle charging stations at Sesquicentennial, Paris Mountain and Santee are a natural fit with the mission of SC State Parks,” said SCPRT Director Duane Parrish. “We are dedicated to being good stewards of South Carolina’s natural resources and providing a positive customer experience. These charging stations help us fulfill that mission in a new and innovative way, giving visitors a chance to recharge electric vehicles in some of South Carolina’s most beautiful landscapes.”

Funding for the installation project was provided by the US Department of Energy's State Energy Program. The charging stations have the potential to impact more than 1.23 million visitors every year, according to park officials. 

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