Lots of different artists display their work each week at Columbia’s Soda City Market, but one regular booth is now dedicated to a group of creators who are also students at the University of South Carolina.

Student-Made UofSC is a group of more than 20 artists who have teamed up to share their work with the world, online and at Soda City.

"Everybody kind of runs their own station but we're all one organization,” said Brynnan Frye, an early childhood education major (and artist’s daughter) who has enjoyed art since an early age.

Frye’s creations include candles, watercolors, wall art and string art (her newest venture). String art involves hammering nails into a board and stretching string between them to create images.

"It's a loud hobby. I try to do it when my roommates aren't home,” Frye said of the string art.

The Student-Made group includes painters, weavers, jewelers, makers of clothes and fashion accessories and many more, including some artists who make custom work at customers’ requests.

“Student-Made has a variety of artists,” said Marleina Randall, a marketing major who hand-makes jewelry and accessories. The mandatory spare time which followed the onset of the pandemic led to her renewed interest in the art.

“I started when I was 10 and slowly just started changing my style,” she explained. “I didn't really start getting super into it until COVID quarantine. I had nothing to do so I was like 'You know what, I'm going to get back into making my jewelry.’"

Student-Made UofSC began in fall 2020, a branch of a similar group at Elon College in North Carolina. Members will be at Soda City each Saturday when the university is in session.

Information about the student artists and their work is also available at studentmadeuofsc.com and on Instagram at @studentmade_uofsc.

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