maverick mascot

Mav the Maverick - image from MTC video

Students and staff of Midlands Technical College may feel a little more spirited at the start of the fall semester, now that the school has an official mascot.

Midlands Tech officials unveiled "Mav the Maverick" Monday afternoon, which was the winning selection after thousands of votes were cast by students, faculty, staff and friends of the college earlier this year.

“Becoming the MTC Mavericks has incited school spirit like never before. Mav the Maverick is the physical and visual incarnation of our college community,” said MTC President Dr. Ron Rhames.

According to school officials, the Maverick was the winner in every voting group, beating out the Rhinos, Navigators, and Owls.

“The maverick embodies independence and freedom,” said Disney Cuddington, an MTC nursing graduate and former student ambassador who was part of the mascot planning group. “It’s been amazing to watch the students and faculty come together to make this dream a reality.”

The mascot will be utilized on apparel, notebooks and on-campus signage. Mav will attend MTC student recruitment events, and celebrations like graduation.

"Having Mav the MTC Maverick with me to welcome students back on campus next week adds to the excitement of the start of fall semester," Rhames said. "I can't wait to say hello to students on campus wearing Maverick gear."

Learn more details about the new mascot on MTC's website.

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