Photo courtesy of Columbia Police Department

Columbia police arrested a man who allegedly threatened Black Lives Matter protesters with a gun.

Walter Peter Matulis Jr., 64, faces a charge of pointing and presenting a firearm after being arrested Saturday at his home in Gaston.

Protesters gathered at the State House Friday to oppose a group supporting the Confederate flag. Friday was the fifth anniversary of the flag’s removal from State House grounds.

A group of protesters standing in the median told police Burgess stopped his vehicle in the intersection at Gervais and Main, made an obscene gesture toward them and began arguing that “all lives matter.”

Video captured by protesters showed Burgess pointing what appears to be a gun before pulling away as protesters shouted “He’s got a gun.” No shots were fired.

Police used video to identify the car and locate Burgess, who remained in custody at Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center Saturday evening.

A Saturday demonstration by a group called “Flags Across the South” included a raising of a Confederate flag on a temporary pole. The pro-flag group of less than 20 was outnumbered and drowned out by approximately 100 protesters, in an effort organized by the SC Black Lives Matter. No problems were reported to police.

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