Homeless No More officials and supporters gathered Thursday morning to celebrate the organization's newly refurbished Family Shelter. Now that the project has been completed, Homeless No More can officially welcome families back into the facility.

The renovations, which took more than six months, will improve the living conditions, safety, security and accessibility for up to 17 families who need emergency housing for up to 30 days. The shelter keeps families together, including fathers and boys over the age of 12.

Homeless No More as a whole did not close during the renovations. Services were still provided on campus and families were housed at motels.

“The improvements will allow Family Shelter to better help families who have suffered a setback quickly access the support services they need,” said Homeless No More President and CEO, Lila Anna Sauls.

The organization’s ability to meet the needs of Midlands homeless families and implement a complete continuum of care depends on expanding both its campus and capacity. Putting Families First, the campaign for Homeless No More, raised more than $5.8 million through gifts from individuals, foundations, corporations, and churches along with public partnerships. The funds go toward supporting several projects including the renovation of the Family Shelter dorms.

“We couldn’t do this without incredible support from our community,” said Sauls.

Family Shelter provided emergency shelter and services to 130 children and 64 families in 2020.

Additional information can be found at homelessnomoresc.org.

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This is beautiful. Kudos to Homeless No More!

Columbia has a major problem with homelessness, as most see evidence of it regularly. It's really sad that a city of this size with these resources cannot do more in solving the problem we have. There aren't enough programs like this aimed at intervening when a crisis occurs for a family or individual. Then, many end up in less fortunate scenarios and, God forbid, more visible, thus disturbing, to residents.

If you don't like what you see downtown, then you are a part of the problem. Everyone needs to eat, sleep, shower, etc., to function at even most minimal capacity. Much less obtain and keep a job, find affordable housing -- a significant problem in Columbia on and of itself, attempt to re-enter society, etc. We can quickly and easily solve some problems by creating more shelter and services in our city. Those most likely to complain are least likely to engage in a dialogue about causes of homelessness, prevention of homelessness, support for the homeless and so forth. Our leadership is another issue, with the SC governor doing nothing but appear on n one photo opp after another while also owning several questionable and, consequently overpriced, rental properties in the Capital City.

Put funding and awareness first, instead of simply complaining. Make the public, specifically the at-risk, aware of what is available and the requirements they need to meet to qualify. It's not just the homeless' problem; it's everyone's!

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