The holidays are here and local charities are helping make an impact on Midlands communities by giving back to those in need.

American Red Cross is an organization that serves those in need of disaster relief, blood donations and training and certification. The organization also assists military families nationwide.

Red Cross of South Carolina is seeking a high demand in blood donations during the holidays.

“Donations often decline this time of year as people’s calendars fill with holiday activities,” said Kristen Boyle, donor recruitment account representative for SC Red Cross. “Winter weather and seasonal illness also affect donations, so now more than ever even though we’re always kind of knocking on your door and ringing your phone for donations, it is imperative that we continue to build the community blood supply.”

Boyle also said that convalescent blood donations are also greatly needed throughout the state.

“A Convalescent plasma donation collects plasma from covid-19 survivors whose bloods contains antibodies that may help patients who are actively fighting the virus,” she said. “We continue to need units not only for any type of blood transfusion but for hospital patients who continue to fight the pandemic.”

Boyle said she has seen the impact blood donations have on those who need them, stressing the importance to those capable of donating to give blood. “I have known a lot of hospital patients who benefit from blood donations and the ones that stick with me the most are sickle cell patients those folks get transfusions sometimes every 6-8 weeks,” she said. “Your one donation can help save up to three lives.”

Those interested in donating blood can visit

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