Skip to my Lupus, Inc., a local nonprofit organization, was recently selected by Hanes for a special donation.

According to the nonprofit's Executive Director Tamara Rajah, the company asked to partner with Skip To My Lupus in order to give 400 pairs of socks to those in need. Rajah said her organization was in charge of deciding who received the donation. Skip To My Lupus chose Hannah House and Transitions Homeless Center as the two recipients.

Rajah visited both facilities Thursday to present the donation.

Hannah House serves homeless women and families in downtown Columbia. According to manager Kiwan Fitch-Webster, it's a ministry supported by individuals, churches and organizations. She said they were thrilled to be able to meet Rajah and thank her.

"I was absolutely excited about it, and we wanted to make sure we received them with love," Fitch-Webster said. "Any time we can give the ladies something they don't have to pull out of their budget to purchase, is always a good thing."

The first stop was immediately followed by the donation to Transitions Homeless Center, also in downtown Columbia. CEO Craig Currey met Rajah and helped unload the socks out of her car.

"Socks and underwear are always helpful to our clients," Currey said. "We love when they're donated because they need them year round. It's great to have those, we can offer them to the clients all the time, so we're thankful for them."

Rajah said her nonprofit chose Transitions and Hannah House due to the services they offer to those in need.

"Where would the homeless be without this organization? And where would battered women be, or women in not-so-good relationships, where would they go? I chose these two organizations because I've been in a homeless shelter and I've been in a battered women's shelter. So it's close to home for me," she said.

Skip To My Lupus donated 50 pairs of socks to Hannah House and 300 pairs to Transitions Homeless Center. The remaining 50 will be passed out Sunday at Finlay Park in connection with Charitable Fire, another locally-owned nonprofit.

Skip To My Lupus, Inc. is a disabled veteran-operated nonprofit with a mission to provide comprehensive support services that educate, increase awareness and improve the quality of life for those affected by lupus.

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