Photo of Brigadier General Beagle provided. Other photos obtained from Fort Jackson's Facebook page.

Businesses across the Midlands are beginning to reopen and restrictions are being lifted, but Fort Jackson will continue its stricter protocols and procedures in response to the COVID-19 crisis. The installation's Commanding General, Brigadier General Milford Beagle Jr., said Fort Jackson is adapting to the changing times with great success.

"The people don't ask us if their Army is ready, they expect us to be ready, and that's what we do here on Fort Jackson. This installation contributes to the combat power of the United States Military. That mission never stops," he explained.

Though the installation has had several confirmed cases of COVID-19, B.G. Beagle was excited to report that many continue to fully recover and no fatalities have occurred.

"I spoke with a young soldier just today at PT, who has recovered from COVID. We stood at a safe distance, but I wanted to make him comfortable and explained that he didn't go seeking this, and that I am very proud of him for his great attitude and resilience through this," he said.

B.G. Beagle noted that Fort Jackson will take a slower approach when relaxing procedures created in response to COVID-19. "We went into social distancing fast, and we will come out of it slowly. I know that's tough for a lot of people but we appreciate everybody's understanding during this time," he said.

To add to the positive news coming out of Fort Jackson, the installation has reported more recovered COVID-19 personnel than individuals currently infected. Fort Jackson continues to provide COVID-19 updates, Q&As and other information through social media. A "virtual town hall" is available every other Thursday on the installation's official Facebook page.

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