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Cola Daily file photo, originally provided by Lex-Rich Five.

Lexington Richland School District Five announced the names of the district's 2021 graduates who have chosen to serve the country by enlisting in one of the branches of the armed forces or attending a military service academy.

“Graduation serves as a launching point for students as they look to enter the next exciting chapter of their life,” former District Five superintendent Dr. Christina Melton said. “Whether a student chooses to enlist in the military, begin a career, take up a trade or continue their education, we are extremely proud of their choice and wish them all the best in their future endeavors.”

The following District Five students will continue their career after graduation serving the country:

Evan Amico (Spring Hill High, Air Force)

Kayla Asbury (Irmo High, Army)

Ryan Aycock (Chapin High, Air Force)

Talaysia Barnwell (Spring Hill High, Army National Guard)

Kayla Chloe Bowman (Irmo High, Air National Guard)

Georgia Brownfield (Chapin High, West Point)

Duwayne Brunson (Dutch Fork High, Army)

Elijah Chapman (Spring Hill High, Air Force)

Darius Chisolm (Dutch Fork High, Air Force)

Easton Clark (Dutch Fork High, Air Force)

Jacob Cox (Dutch Fork High, Air Force)

James DaMoude (Chapin High, Navy)

McKenyzi Dewalt-Edmunds (Dutch Fork High, Army)

Rodney Dorn (Dutch Fork High, Army)

Casey Downs (Chapin High, U.S. Marines)

Benjamin Dunn (Chapin High, U.S. Military Academy)

A’leiria Feaster (Chapin High, Air Force)

Georgette Frazier (Dutch Fork High, Army)

Mikaili Gilliard (Spring Hill High, Air Force)

Mark Anthony Gonzales, Jr. (Spring Hill High, Army)

Garrett Harris (Dutch Fork High, Army)

Aaron Harrison (Dutch Fork High, Marine Corps)

Connor Hempy (Spring Hill High, Army)

Stasha Houey (Dutch Fork High, Army National Guard)

My’Kashia James (Dutch Fork High, Air Force)

Amya Kemp (Dutch Fork High, Air Force)

Jonathan King (Irmo High, Air Force)

Corbin Marino (Spring Hill High, Air Force)

Carlos Mercado (Dutch Fork High, Air Force)

Jaquan Moore (Dutch Fork High, Air Force)

Aaliyah Moyd (Dutch Fork High, Army National Guard)

Chantal Oliver (Dutch Fork High, Army)

Olivia Outlaw (Dutch Fork High, Army National Guard)

Amoy Peru (Dutch Fork High, Air Force)

Luke Pregler (Spring Hill High, Army)

Jorja Rice (Dutch Fork High, Air Force)

KeAsya Richardson (Dutch Fork High, Air Force)

Daniel Ricker (Irmo High, Navy)

Jean Sabiri (Irmo High, Army)

Matalyn Schellinger (Irmo High, The Citadel)

Parker Shaffer (Spring Hill High, U.S. Marines)

Kelvin Stanford (Dutch Fork High, Air Force)

Jaiden Stubbs (Dutch Fork High, Army)

Ashton Thomas (Dutch Fork High, Marine Corps)

Destiny Thomas (Irmo High, Army)

Zachary Timmons (Spring Hill High, Marine Corps)

Furkan Unlutaskiran (Dutch Fork High, Air Force)

Micah Vann (Irmo High, Army)

Harley Widener (Dutch Fork High, Air Force)

Jacob Wohleber (Chapin High, Army)

The SC Department of Education hosted a virtual appreciation ceremony on May 27 to publicly recognize high school seniors who have enlisted in the U.S. Armed Forces or will attend a military service academy.

Seniors who have chosen to serve the United States were presented with white and blue graduation honor cords of which they wore during their high school graduation ceremonies.

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