Dominion Energy is scheduled to trim trees during the next two weeks in several Columbia neighborhoods.

The goal of the trimming is to increase safety and reliability of the electric service. Dominion Energy reported an 89% improvement in reliability in vegetation-related outages in areas where trimmings were completed compared to last year.

Dominion is following the American National Standard for Tree Care Operations (ANSI 3000), which is supported by arborists and other tree care experts.

Methods used in trimming the trees help in directing future tree growth patterns to grow away from power lines.

Neighborhoods where trees will be trimmed:

• Belmont Neighborhood Association

• Gabel Oaks Tenant Association

• Brahamville Estate Neighborhood

• Edgewood Neighborhood Floral Club

• Eva P. Trezevant Neighborhood

• Jaggers Plaza Community

• Jones McDonald Community Club

• Arsenal Hill Neighborhood

• Elmwood Park

• Vista Neighborhood Association

• Druid Hills neighborhood Association

• Forest Hills North

• Pinehurst Community Council

Additional information is available at Dominion Energy’s website.

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Great that they are trimming trees but they tore down my fence,came in my backyard ,rotted out my garden ,broke a brick walkway and crashed into a firepit breaking it in pieces and have DONE NOTHING TO FIX IT . Is that legal ????

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