The Midlands is blending up a new array of spices with a veteran-owned gourmet dry rub company. Bub'n Mutha’s has moved its headquarters from Maine to Columbia and brings a variety of spice rub blends.

Owner John Fuhrman is originally from Winter Harbor, Maine, where he also started Bub'n Mutha’s. He wanted to move the business out of Maine and looked at different cities and states to move the headquarters to, before deciding Columbia was the best option.

“We were up in Maine where I grew up in a little lobster village. I retired from corporate life and wasn’t quite done yet,” said Fuhrman. “When we started our whole first year, we only had one flavor, and here we are now, five years later with six flavors in Columbia, South Carolina, and no more shoveling snow to get into the office.”

Furhman said he hopes to hire more veterans like himself to help with the business, and also uses coffee in the rubs from a veteran-owned local coffee roaster.

“We’re very involved with our community, especially the veteran community,” said Fuhrman.

Six different spice blends are sold through Bub'n Mutha’s, including Chixx Dig It, Downeast Dinnah Dust, Gig Heaven, Honey’n Heat, Johnny Bravo and Sonofa Brisket. Products are sold at Soda City Market every Saturday and on their website. Bub'n Mutha’s is also actively looking for more local shops to sell products in.

Visit to learn more about the company and products.

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