James Crosby comes from a Marine family. His father proudly served, which motivated James to follow in his fathers footsteps.

When the attacks on the World Trade Center shook the world, Crosby was ready to fight. It is unfortunate that his fight was a short one, but his injuries are a true representation of what service men and women faced in Iraq. Within one month of being in the country, Crosby and his men were hit by 120 millimeter rockets. Crosby would never walk again, and the attack would take the lives of two of his friends.

His return home was full of struggles, yet through it all, his determination allowed him to help pass the Crosby-Puller Compensation Act. The act ensures that any member of the armed forces injured in combat will not have their pay reduced when they exit the combat zone.

Crosby became employed by the Department of Veterans Affairs, and worked with veterans who directly benefited from the bill.

Though he is a hardened war veteran, Crosby encourages veterans to look for more natural and holistic approaches to their issues that derive from their time in war. James is prone to infections all over his body due to his sustained injuries. He has replaced several prescription drugs with Chaga Tea, made from a naturally growing mushroom that can be found at any retail store.

More of Crosby’s interview can be heard on 94.3 The Dude, or visit 943thedude.com and click on “Soldier Salute.”

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