CMSgt Dayne E. Peterson is the Command Chief Master Sergeant for the 169th Fighter Wing, McEntire Joint National Guard Base, in Eastover.

As command chief, he serves as the principal advisor to the Wing Commander on matters of readiness, health, welfare and morale, professional development, and the effective utilization of more than 1100 enlisted personnel assigned to the South Carolina Air National Guard.

Peterson has served in the Air Force for 35 years, after first enlisting in the Air Guard in 1987. He was originally going to finish his first contract and then hang up the uniform, but said due to other circumstances, life took him down a different path.

“I was done, I’m getting out, no way I’m staying in, but at the time I had a talk with my wife, and we were using all of my drill pay. So, I said fine, I’ll stay in.” said Peterson.

The lifelong Airman also praises all Guardsmen and the men and women who are actively drilling.

“The Reserves is the hardest job in any branch. You are expected to be excellent at multiple professions. You have to do well in your civilian job and then have to do well in whatever your job is at drill each month," he said. 

Peterson said he plans to retire in the next year. He joked about not being on a set schedule for once and enjoying his free time volunteering. “I don’t want to have to set an alarm clock. I want to spend more time out at The Big Red Barn and continue to help more with Warrior PATHH.”

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