Ret. US Navy Petty Officer First Class Heather Durant-McEady is the Women Veterans’ Coordinator for the South Carolina Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

Durant-McEady retired from the Navy after 20 years of faithful service. Now in her role working for female veterans, she makes sure that all are aware of the benefits and services they are entitled to on the state and federal level.

Nearly everyone in Durant-McEady’s family is a veteran including both parents and all her siblings. In a sea of soldiers, she decided to go Navy.

“It was funny, they were the first branch of service that called,” Durant-McEady said. “Then when I talked more about the benefits and the experience and the opportunity to travel, I said why not?”

After retiring, like so many veterans, it was difficult for Durant-McEady to transition back into civilian life. She wound up going to the VA to try and find a job. She said she's happy to be in the position to help veterans like her who are now going through the same transition.

Durant-McEady has been planning a Women Veterans Innovation Summit for not only women who have served, but supporters as well. There are 45,000 female veterans in the state and her goal is to come together virtually on Tuesday, June 8, and see what is important to these women from across the state.

“This virtual summit is an opportunity for women Veterans in South Carolina to connect and collaborate on all matters important to us,” said Durant-McEady.

Learn more about her this week on

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