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Representatives from the Christopher Conner Foundation announced Monday that they have launched the Let It Sing COVID-19 Relief Grant. It will be used to provide assistance to South Carolina-based musicians during the current global pandemic. The foundation’s board of directors voted unanimously to direct 50% of its scholarship funds to the newly created grant, which will award $500 per grant to qualifying musicians.

When Jennifer Weimer presented the idea to her fellow board members, it was met with no resistance.

“Music is the full-time job for many of South Carolina’s artists,” Weimer said. “With the current state of emergency, their gigs have been cancelled and therefore they have no income. Also, due to the nature of their work, many musicians are without medical insurance so we wanted to launch the Let It Sing grant as quickly as possible and begin providing assistance right away.”

Foundation President Cal Conner said he couldn’t agree more. As the father of the late Chris Conner for whom the foundation was originally formed, Conner has observed a significant decline in scholarship requests during the COVID-19 crisis.

“Our foundation exists for the sole purpose of helping musicians in their educational endeavors and provide relief during times of hardship,” Conner explained. “This is most certainly one of those times. The lack of scholarship applications leaves us with reserves we can tap into to help those who need it the most right now, today.”

South Carolina musicians in need of assistance due to cancelled performances can apply for a Let It Sing grant at

The foundation is accepting donations from those in the community who would like to contribute to the relief fund, so that additional grants can be made available.

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