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Lexington-Richland District Five representatives announced an additional lottery selection process for available seats at Chapin Elementary and Lake Murray Elementary will be held for the upcoming school year.

The district offered a previous lottery opportunity in May to students reassigned to other schools, due to Phase I and Phase II of the enrollment freeze. The freeze was enacted at Chapin Elementary and Lake Murray Elementary after the student population significantly increased, caused by growth and development in the area. The action was taken to allow class sizes to remain at acceptable levels, and not overload instructional programs.

The new lottery opportunity, which was detailed at the school board meeting Monday, will capture all other students not impacted by Phase I or Phase II of the enrollment freeze, who are zoned for the two elementary schools.

According to officials, the district has utilized a computerized, random lottery system for more than five years as part of its magnet and Choice application processes. The system was also used for the first enrollment freeze lottery selection, and will now be used again for the additional enrollment freeze lottery.

Parents of all current District Five students impacted by the freeze will receive a letter informing them of the process. All other parents of students zoned for the two elementary schools can contact their zoned school if they are interested in participating in the upcoming lottery.

School District Five Superintendent Dr. Christina Melton said, “We want to clearly communicate that the enrollment freeze is a temporary solution, while we continue to work towards building a new school in the Chapin area. We feel the lottery is family-friendly, student-centered and the best approach we can take to address the overcrowding that exists at these schools.”

Learn more about the enrollment freeze at Chapin Elementary and Lake Murray Elementary by vising www.lexrich5.org/enrollmentfreeze

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