The original Woodstock music festival, back in 1969 in Bethel, New York, was billed as “three days of peace and music.” In 2021 in Cayce, Steel Hands Woodstock packed all the peace and music into one day, and served up much better food.

The local brewing company got the summer music festival season started with a day of music inspired by the Aquarian Exposition that became one of the biggest cultural events in American history.

“We’re not old enough to remember the original,” laughed Mary Crosby as she and her friends enjoyed the sunshine and songs Saturday afternoon. “This is pretty great, though.”

Crosby did add that she’s well aware of the connection between her last name and the original festival, but is not related to David of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young fame.

Local band Prettier Than Matt hosted the first part of Saturday’s music, performing from 1 to 4 with friends including Kenny George, Scott Rankin, Charles Riley and AJ Lang (of Seventy Six & Sunny) and Rich Owensby.

The Joey Williams Band took the stage at 4:30. After a few 70s and 80s covers (“Can’t You See,” “Turn the Page,” “Small Town”), Williams explained that despite the theme “We’re mostly a 90s band,” as he and his partners broke out hits from Sister Hazel and Jimmy Eat World. Music being timeless, the crowd of several hundred had no complaints. Albatross then took the stage at 7 p.m. to close the show with three more hours of rock and roll.

It wouldn’t be a 60s hippie celebration without tie-dye, and Steel Hands teamed up with local arts and crafts store AR Workshop to keep that tradition alive. Guests were able to buy Steel Hands T-shirts and make their own tie-dye creations or have the AR Workshop experts do the dying.

Local artists were also on hand to show and sell their creations. And of course, Steel Hands offered a full menu of food and drinks, including the special of the day: Carne asada, portobello mushroom and smoked brisket street tacos.

For more upcoming events at Steel Hands, visit the brewery’s Facebook page.

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Sounds like this event was a lot of fun. Unfortunately I always read about these events after they've happened. Is there someplace on the Cola Daily site to learn of such events beforehand? Yeah, I know..."Boomer with a computer". [rolleyes]

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