jay koon

Lexington County Sheriff Jay Koon with wife, Kimberly, at a celebratory election night party Tuesday.

According to scvotes.org, there were 38,371 ballots cast by residents of Lexington County in Tuesday's primary. Polling stations were open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., with special COVID-19 safety precautions in-place.

The results are as follows:

US Senate:

Lindsey Graham  64.45%

Michael LaPierre  14.64%

Joe Reynolds  13.61%

Duke Buckner  7.30%

US House of Representatives District 2:

Joe Wilson  70.71%

Michael Bishop  29.29%

State Senate District 18:

Ronnie Cromer  51.85%

Charles Bumgardner  48.15%

State Senate District 20:

Benjamin Dunn  71.74%

Randy Dickey  28.26%

State Senate District 25:

Shane Massey  75.52%

Susan J Swanson  24.48%

State Senate District 26:

Chris Smith  68.05%

Perry Finch  31.95%

State House of Representatives District 88:

Mike Sturkie  34.60%

RJ May  24.54%

John Lastinger  17.19%

Brian Duncan  13.93%

Eddie McCain  9.73%

State House of Representatives District 96:

D Ryan McCabe  54.77%

Kit Spires  45.23%


Jay Koon  70.21%

David Arnold  29.79%

County Council District 5:

Gene Bimbo Jones  60.87%

Joel Tyson  39.13%

County Council District 6:

Charli Wessinger  57.35%

Johnny W Jeffcoat  42.65%

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