Jerome Franklin was diagnosed with type two diabetes at age 26. At age 37, he had a stroke. He is determined to keep fighting the encroaching ailment said his Aunt Michelle Franklin, but he needs physical therapy.

To help pay for the physical therapy, Michelle has planned a the Jerome Franklin Fund-raiser Kick-ball tournament for Sept. 7 and 8, at the Rosamunda Peggy Percell-Butler Park at 1100 Raleigh St., West Columbia. The event has been named “Kicking Diabetes Out Of The Park.” On Saturday, Sept. 7, the the kick-ball games begins at noon. On Sunday, Sept. 8, it starts at 2 p.m.

See Michelle’s Facebook page at: Michelle Franklin’s Facebook page

“We were only going to have four teams, but we’ve had 19 respond and I’m going to have to cap it at 20, said Michelle. She said teams from as far away as Augusta, Ga. are coming, with others from Richland County and all part of Lexington County.

Michelle said Prisma Health will be on the site of the kick-ball tournament to conduct A1C tests that are used to diagnose type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Prisma will also do blood pressure checks and prostate screening.
Michelle said insurance is not paying for some of the critical care Jerome needs, so she is raising money to help him get more medical help.

Even if you do not play kick-ball you can help.
We’re looking for food, condiments, or monetary donations to help us in reaching our goal of raising money to help Jerome with his physical therapy and other treatments,” said Michelle. “God isn’t a “give up on folks” kinda God and we will prove that Jerome’s life is worth the fight and all the efforts.”


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