Phoebe Fischer and Elena Keller - Image from Blythewood High School.

Two Blythewood High School juniors competed in the annual South Carolina National History Day (NHD) statewide competition and placed first and second in the paper category.

Phoebe Fischer and Elena Keller both wrote college-level academic research papers of approximately 2,500 words with at least 40 sources documented. Both students chose a topic connected to this year’s NHD theme, “breaking barriers.” Fischer’s paper was titled “More than a Hostess: How Eleanor Roosevelt’s Bold Activism Broke Barriers” and Keller’s paper was titled, “Emmeline Pankhurst’s Fight for Women’s Suffrage.”

National History Day is a year-long academic program focused on historical research, interpretation and creative expression for students in grades six through 12. Students compete in a series of contests held at the local, regional and state levels to advance to the national competition held in June in Washington D.C.

Scott Auspelmyer, lead teacher of Blythewood High School’s honors forum, assisted Fischer and Keller along their journey in the competition. 2020 marks the sixth year of Blythewood High School’s honors forum students placing in the top three of the NHD state competition.

Though the 2020 national competition usually held at the University of Maryland is cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, both Fischer and Keller will compete at the national level in June through the virtual competition.

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