Avid readers had the opportunity to meet nine published authors with roots in Northeast Columbia Tuesday evening during “A Novel Idea,” a book-signing event presented by BRAVO! Blythewood, the Blythewood Arts Council, at Doko Manor.

“There are so many talented authors in Blythewood and the surrounding area,” said Martha Jones, arts council president. “This was an effort to expose folks in this area to the remarkable talent we have. It’s our small-scale version of a literary festival.”

Authors signed copies of their books, read excerpts from their recent work, and answered questions about writing from attendees during the two-hour event.

“In my former work life, I was always the one who ended up having to write things,” said Johnny Bloodworth of his first forays into writing. “Then I had rotator cuff surgery in 2015 I couldn’t sleep. I’d wake up early, take off my sling and found I could type, so I decided to try to write something.”

Bloodworth is the author of the mysteries “Gift” and “Listen to the Children.” He’s working on a third book in the series now. “Writing is like playing golf or fishing,” he added. “I’ll spend more money on it than I’ll ever make.”

Other authors participating in the event included:

- Cera Daniels of northeast Columbia, who writes paranormal, science fiction, and steampunk romance, including the Relek City series. She also coaches other creative writers.

-Yvonne Debandi of Lugoff, now working on both her seventh and eighth novels. She draws from her experiences as a professional musician, computer programmer, nature enthusiast and animal lover for her suspenseful novels.

- Elizabeth Goodman Hardwick of Blythewood, the author of the award-winning children’s book series, “Cloud the Horse.”

- Timothy Klie of Blythewood, author of a reference book for collectors of Marine Corps emblems from 1868 to 1963. His second book is a novel about a Marine officer who visits the families of his fallen Marines.

- Brenda Konitzer of Lugoff, author of nonfiction volumes “What’s Cooking at Dry Branch Ranch” and “Beyond Sunday Mornings.” Konitzer also has written an online interactive short story, “The Erikson Chronicles.”

- Jay Raphael of Blythewood, a former actor, director, teacher and university administrator. Raphael is the author of the nonfiction book, “My Fondest Memories Never Happened.”

- Halina Schafer of northeast Columbia, author of two self-published children’s books, “Fiona and the Extra-Special Invisible Gifts” and “Who Found Who?” Her third book is due out in early 2020.

- Raegan Teller of Columbia, award-winning author of the Enid Blackwell mystery series set in and around Columbia, including “Murder in Madden,” “The Last Sale,” and “Secrets Never Told.”

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