Richland County will close on its $26 million purchase of more than 1,300 acres in Blythewood by Nov. 1, according to Jeff Ruble, the county’s director of economic development.

The county recently announced the purchase of land to develop into the Blythewood Business Park off Interstate 77.

“The property for the new park has been on our minds for years,” Ruble said. “We originally started considering it in the mid-90s for a large technology company because it’s such a large tract of land, close to a growing city with a flagship research university, has all infrastructure and interstate frontage, and it’s in relatively close proximity to the Charlotte Douglas Airport.”

The site is large enough to build 5.3 million square feet of office and Class A technology and manufacturing buildings, according to a news release from the county. Class A buildings are considered the highest quality buildings and are typically new construction with top-of-the-line fixtures and amenities, according to

The county has no tenants lined up for the business park yet but will begin working to add some as soon as it owns the property, Ruble said. “It’s tough to know what the future holds, but we do know that the type of companies we recruited over the past 10 years probably isn’t indicative of what we’ll attract in the next decade,” he said. “We anticipate that the companies we attract will be technology-focused, clean and will provide a quality workplace with attractive salaries. Beyond that, we’re planning to cast a wide net.”

One of the site’s chief attributes is it’s solid infrastructure, according to Ruble. “Water, sewer, electric and natural gas service are robust. And the site can be accessed from two I-77 interchanges via a lightly traveled frontage road. Some residents will be concerned about increased traffic, but our plan is to try to mitigate for traffic disruptions by steering trucks away from the Town of Blythewood,” he said.

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