Clouds blowing in

Thanksgiving week is kicking off with a frosty chill in the Midlands as temperatures are set to drop to 22 degrees or below.  

According to the National Weather Service, a freeze watch is in effect for Lexington and Richland counties as sub-freezing temperatures will be blowing through late Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. 

"Temps are forecasted to be around 32 degrees Tuesday night then dropping below 22 degrees Wednesday morning between 2 a.m. through 4 a.m. then warming up to 32 degrees around 8 a.m. Expect chilly winds up until Thursday," said NWS meteorologist Matt Gropp.

Many without shelter or adequate heat can find warmth and comfort at the Inclement Weather Center, operated by Transitions Homeless Center. The facility has 240 available beds, with both a men's and women's dorm. The center runs according to the NWS, opening for nights the temperature sinks below 40 degrees.

Plant lovers will also have to find indoor housing for outdoor vegetation and plants during the freezing temperatures as they will not survive the hard freeze; outdoor plumbing should also be protected.

Additional surrounding Midlands areas that are under a freeze watch: 

  • Aiken
  • Bamberg
  • Barnwell
  • Calhoun
  • Central Orangeburg
  • Clarendon
  • Lexington
  • Northwestern Orangeburg
  • Richland
  • Southeastern Orangeburg
  • Sumter

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