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School supplies at Staples - Cola Daily file photo

It’s almost time for tax free weekend in South Carolina.

The annual event will be held Friday through Sunday. Items including clothes, computers, calculators and school supplies can all be purchased with no sales tax added.

Local school supply stores like Staples on Devine Street will be fully stocked and prepared for the crowds. Assistant manager Tanisha Grooms said tax free weekend is like “their Christmas,” with the large amount of customers who come in to shop.

“We have to really prepare. We’ve had a few [employees] here overnight, staying later, just to make sure we’re stocked out. I would say we’re probably 90% there, so between today and tomorrow we’ll be ready to go,” she said Thursday morning.

According to Grooms, there are no special sales at Staples for tax free weekend specifically, but there are sales on store items that will be running now through the beginning of the school year.

Unlike past years, stores will have to closely monitor the amount of customers inside at one time due to COVID safety precautions. Grooms said they are allowed to have 65 guests inside at once.

“Of course everyone has to have their mask, we have our social distancing signs all over the place, and one-way signage going up the aisles. It’s very different than what we’re used to, but I guess we’re getting comfortable with it,” said Grooms.

Items not exempt from taxes this weekend include jewelry, eye wear, cosmetics, watches and furniture.

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