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Lexington County polling station. Forrest Tucker photo

According to scvotes.gov, there were 119,308 ballots cast by residents of Lexington County in the 2020 General Election.

In addition to many voters who cast an early ballot, thousands went to polling stations between 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday, with special COVID-19 safety precautions in place. The following are the results specific to Lexington County (As of 6:30 a.m., Richland County's results were not all available).

US Senate (statewide results):

Lindsey Graham (R)  55.58%

Jaime Harrison (D)  42.98%

Bill Bledsoe (C)  1.36%

83% reporting

US House of Representatives District 2 (statewide results):

Joe Wilson (R)  61.50%

Kathleen K Wright (C)  1.78%

Adair Ford Boroughs (D)  36.66%

40% reporting

State Senate District 18:

Ronnie Cromer (R)  78.75%

Christopher Thibault (D)  21.15%

96% reporting

State Senate District 20:

Dick Harpootlian (D) 51.04%

Benjamin Dunn (R) 48.77%

90% reporting

State Senate District 23:

Katrina Shealy (R)  74.12%

Bill Brown (D)  25.76%

98% reporting

State Senate District 25:

Shane Massey (R)  77.76% 

Shirley A Green Fayson (D)  22.10%

90% reporting

State Senate District 26:

Nikki Setzler (D) 53.05% 

Chris Smith (R)  46.84%

96% reporting

State House of Representatives District 71:

Nathan Ballentine (R)  83.69%

Lawrence L. Lee (L)  2.39%

Terry T Seawright (D)  13.83%

67% reporting

County Council District 5:

Gene Bimbo Jones (R)  70.28%

Bobby L. Porter (D)  29.61%

NOTE: An updated, additional article will be published regarding school board results after all groups show 100% reporting.

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