The Batesburg-Leesville Fire Department needed some help. So Chris Swygert asked House of Raeford’s non-profit organization, FLOCK, what it could do.

Swygert, a BLFD volunteer firefighter is the Pullet Manager for House of Raeford's live operations. And  to assist in their service to the greater Batesburg-Leesville community, FLOCK donated a new, state of the art, Thermal Imaging Camera to the Batesburg-Leesville Fire Department at a presentation, Tuesday. 

Before the camera was given, Swygert asked House of Raeford's FLOCK Coordinator, Chuck Underhill, if FLOCK could cover half of the $8300 to buy the much-needed equipment. But Underhill said FLOCK would cover the total cost for the camera from funds House of Raeford sets aside to help local communities. 

Batesburg-Leesville Fire Chief Josh Frye demonstrated the Thermal Imaging Camera during the presentation. 

"It Increases our capabilities and makes it easier to find would-be victims," said Frye. He said the device has better visual quality, a range-finder and a direction-indicator that helps first responders navigate through smoke or in the dark. "The technology make our job safer," he said. The camera can also be used in auto accident scenes to locate victims more quickly in order to get them help.  

Underhill explained why FLOCK got involved. 

"The Batesburg-Leesville Fire Department is dedicated to providing top notch emergency services to the people of the Town of Batesburg-Leesville and the surrounding area," Underhill said. "These services include fire suppression, vehicle extrication, medical first responder, basic hazardous materials (operations level) and other services. Anything we can do to assist them in the extremely difficult job they do, we're glad to do." 

FLOCK had previously donated a powerful ventilation fan to the BLFD.  

"FLOCK is committed to being the very best company and neighbor we can be," said Underhill.  “We are working to improve the lives everyone in our community. It is an honor to assist the  Batesburg-Leesville Fire Department in delivering services to their community and across Lexington and Saluda Counties.”

FLOCK is an acronym for Faithful Love Offering for Christ’s Kingdom. As a nonprofit outreach program, FLOCK partners with charitable organizations to responsibly distribute resources—monetary gifts, product donations, and volunteer activities—to help meet the needs in communities where House of Raeford Farms has operations.

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