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Governor Henry McMaster announced Tuesday that $25 million will be invested into Workforce Scholarships for the Future. The program provides scholarships to cover tuition costs and required fees at any of South Carolina’s 16 technical colleges.

The investment will be used for adults or recent high school graduates to pursue an industry credential or associate degree in high-demand career fields such as manufacturing, health care, computer science or logistics.  

“Workforce Scholarships for the Future will help provide our people with good-paying jobs and our companies with the skilled workforce they need to succeed. We are ensuring that South Carolina’s economic success will continue for generations, and that South Carolina families will be the ones benefitting from it,” said Governor McMaster.

Workforce Scholarships for the Future was created in November 2021 to address South Carolina’s labor shortage. The General Assembly allocated $39 million in this year’s state budget to be invested into Workforce Scholarships for the Future. According to the Office of the Governor, the combined investments are expected to be used to train and retain approximately 40,000 South Carolinians.

"With over 64,000 jobs created in just the last five years, South Carolina has experienced record-breaking economic growth," said Governor McMaster. "To continue to attract more jobs and investment to South Carolina, we must invest in our people to make sure we can meet the ever-changing needs of our business community.”

To date, 6,198 South Carolinians have been trained through this program, including: 

  • 825 Nursing Assistants 
  • 775 Commercial Drivers 
  • 616 Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs)
  • 478 Welders 
  • 392 Phlebotomists 
  • 208 Forklift Operators 
  • 107 Electrical Lineman Technicians 
  • 87 ManuFirst SC


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So is it $25 million in addition to $39 million (i.e., $64 million) -or- $25 million of the $39 million allocated by the Legislature?

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