By Thomas Grant Jr. 

Embattled former Swansea head football coach Gregory Wright could learn his future status in the coming days.

He’s scheduled to meet with Lexington School District 4 board members during their Thursday meeting in Gaston. Wright’s attorney, J. Lewis Cromer, said Tuesday his client will express his grievances during executive session with the board.

Neither Cromer nor the school’s boards attorneys, White and Story, LLC, will be present when the parties meet behind closed doors.

District 4 confirmed the meeting with Wright in a letter released Tuesday night to the media from Lisa Ingram, the District 4 Coordinator of Human Resources and Community Relations: Lexington County School District 4 strives for excellence in leadership and instilling its mission in each of our students and employees to grow, serve, and innovate. To that end, when the District makes employment decisions, our administration adheres to District Board Policy and the legal standards that govern employers, including public schools. Ultimately, our primary concern is ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our students, staff, and community stakeholders.

As a practice, the District and its Trustees cannot provide confidential and sensitive information relating to the District’s employment decisions, as we also have a responsibility to ensure that the privacy and well being of our employees is protected. The District must balance that interest with those of our stakeholders who seek to learn more about decisions that may impact our schools.

The District has received requests to share information concerning Mr. Gregory Wright and his employment with the District and we understand the public’s interest in this matter. We will follow our practice of refraining from public comment about sensitive and confidential employment inquiries. However, we are able to share that the Board extended an invitation to Mr. Wright to attend its next meeting on July 12 and meet with them during that time in Executive Session.
The District and its Board of Trustees takes very seriously its students, employees, and the community and will continue to ensure that our students are driven to success by providing and learning environment rich in diversity, service, leadership and safety. Our students are and will remain our top priority and we look forward to our upcoming school year.

Wright was reportedly dismissed from his football duties following an incident regarding player safety at a June 25 practice. Cromer defended Wright from these accusations, citing his support from players and the community.
Cromer has already presented a copy of the lawsuit to the school board. He plans to file should Thursday’s meeting prove unproductive and sue for damages based on defamation of character and interference with contractual relations.
A primary goal of filing the lawsuit,according to Cromer, is reinstating Wright as both head football coach and athletics director, a position he was demoted from prior to the end of the school year.
Cromer also wants any negative information which led to Wright’s dismissal as head coach removed from his file.
Wright is still employed by the district as a physical education teacher at Sandhills Middle School. The contract runs through June 2019.

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