Details for Public Relations and Marketing Manager


Company: The Unumb Center for Neurodevelopment

Position: Public Relations and Marketing Manager

List: Full Time

Description: The Public Relations and Marketing Manager is a key member of the leadership team.

This role will be responsible for developing and implementing public relations strategies and comprehensive marketing tactics to support the Unumb Center for Neurodevelopment's mission - to make life better for individuals with autism and their families.

Under limited supervision, and in coordination with the executive team, key responsibilities will include, but are not limited to the following:

• Administrative Functions

o Prepare a yearly budget for areas of supervision.

o Submit reports to the Director of Finance and Administration relating to fundraising monies.

o Manage part-time interns as needed to efficiently meet PR/marketing and fundraising goals.

• Grant Writing

o Research grant opportunities and other potential revenue streams for The Unumb Center.

o Assist with grant writing, research and the development of presentations as needed.

o Maintain records and submit reports related to grant opportunities to the Executive Director.

• Donor Engagement & Management

o Maintain Donor Management Software to ensure the donor database is up to date.

o Grow positive relationships with donors, community partners and other stakeholders that support The Unumb Center’s mission.

o Identify potential donor and community partnerships to support the long-term vision of The Unumb Center.

o Collaborate with the Executive Director to prepare semimonthly board reports.

• Events & Fundraising

o Prepare an annual fundraising action plan in collaboration with the Board of Directors and the Executive Director.

o Plan, manage and execute fundraising events for The Unumb Center.

o Support and facilitate fundraising and development meetings with internal Board of Director committees.

o Prepare quarterly reports on all monies raised at fundraising events for the Executive Director.

• Public Relations

o Manage all media relations and serve as the press contact for The Unumb Center.

o Ability to develop high-quality written materials to support media relations success.

o Attend networking events, meetings, and identified conferences on behalf of The Unumb Center.

o Build relationships with local media to increase visibility of The Unumb Center and services provided for families.

• Marketing Management

o Manage all media relations, social media accounts and branded correspondence from The Unumb Center (i.e. monthly enewsletter).

o Develop press releases and supporting materials as needed.

o Design and evaluate communication tactics that promote the mission, services and organizational goals of The Unumb Center.

Experience/skills required: Ability to communicate through voicemail and email regularly and professionally • Ability to make independent decisions on a daily basis • Impeccable spelling, grammar, and written communication skills • Strong interpersonal skills and self-motivation with the ability to motivate others • Ability to work as a team member within an institution with overlapping areas and goals • Strong organizational and time management skills • Detail-oriented

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