Sunset Primary Care, a new clinic in West Columbia, is now open, offering area-residents high-quality, affordable healthcare services without requiring insurance

“Patients and their families can receive the highest quality medical services at a fraction of the cost traditionally associated with healthcare,” said clinic owner Scottie Shelley, who saw a need in the community for affordable healthcare.

Sunset Primary Care requires no insurance to receive treatment. Those without insurance don’t have to worry about paying exorbitant out-of-pocket costs, and patients with insurance will have another option to high deductibles or co-pays. Financing is also available.

Services range from treatment of acute diseases like the common cold or pneumonia, to more chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Consumers looking to prevent disease and increase their overall wellness can also get guidance and treatment at Sunset Primary Care.

Unlike most physician practices, consumers can get a realistic idea of what they can expect to pay before their visit. Prices start as low as $60, and average about 40% less expensive than larger “Doc-in-the-box” facilities.
The clinic is located at 1173 Sunset Blvd., in West Columbia.

For more information visit

Sunset Primary Care
Sunset Primary Care is a no-insurance option for consumers in the Midlands to get high-quality medical care without the high cost typically associated with traditional physician practices. Sunset Primary Care treats acute and chronic diseases, as well as preventative medicine. For more information, visit or follow on Facebook:

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