There were some good deals at the 2019 Mission Lexington Trunk Show Thursday evening in Lexington's Old Mill.

"I'm looking for some Christmas bargains," said Sheila Williams, who came to the Trunk Show from Saluda. "And I found some." Lots of shoes and a Christmas wreath were in her basket. Williams also said helping Mission Lexington is a good thing. 

The fifth annual Trunk Show was the sale of the best-of-the-best of items, at discount prices, donated to Mission Lexington throughout the year. Non-perishable food items were collected at the door for the mission's food pantry.

"It's our biggest and best fundraiser," said Mission Lexington Executive Director Robin Bowers. "Our customers are so excited with what we pull and the prices. There are so many good deals."

Libba Rhoad is a Mission Lexington thrift store volunteer year-round and she helped with the Trunk Show, too. She said the effort is important.

"The money raised and the food collected go to Lexington, where their is more need than people know," said Rhoad. She also said giving her time is an opportunity to contribute as a Christian, and a member of Lexington's Episcopal Church.

Bowers said the Trunk Show is a year-long collaboration and is one of two big Mission Lexington fundraisers. The other being the Race Against Hunger.

The proceeds from the sale go to pay for the charity's overhead and 60 percent of staff salaries, said Bowers.


Located at 216 Harmon St., Mission Lexington (formerly Lexington Interfaith Community Services) works to meet the needs of Lexington County residents in crisis. Originally founded in 1978 by four churches as a way to serve individuals and families faced with limited emergency needs, the organization has grown exponentially.

Mission Lexington is the hub of care for Lexington County, assisting families and individuals with life essentials, resources, and guidance. The organization meets more than 30,000 needs in Lexington County each year, ranging from helping an elderly couple with food to funeral expenses for a child.

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